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Welcome to QuikScan.org

Readers get more from QuikScanned texts

QuikScan enables readers to choose the level of detail they want. In this era of Information Overload, overburdened and impatient readers value this flexibility. QuikScan is also a learning tool; it improves retention dramatically without adding extra reading time (van der Meij & van der Meij, 2011).

QuikScan takes two forms. The QuikScan Views web app provides many display options. Classic QuikScan is a simple, efficient text format suited for print (but also PDF and HTML).

The key idea underlying QuikScan is placing summaries throughout the document (see the gray boxes below). For a quick read, you just read the summaries. When you encounter an interesting idea in a summary, you can easily scan or follow a hyperlink to the location in the full text where that idea is discussed. If you want to learn the text really well, read the summaries and the full text.

Classic QuikScan looks like this:.

Simplest form of QuikScan

This PDF file includes hyperlinks. Here is a print journal article formatted in Classic QuikScan.

With the QuikScan Views web app, shown below, readers have a Summaries Only view (no intervening body text) and can hide or display the body text for each section of the document.


Take a peek at this live example.

PLEASE NOTE: The most recent release of Chrome causes a problem with the checkbox that collapses and expands the body text of individual sections. We are working to fix this. The checkbox feature works fine in other browsers and in earlier versions of Chrome.

QuikScan accommodates multiple columns, graphics, lists, tables, etc. QuikScan works well with tablets and smart phones.

The effort required to QuikScan a document—while not trivial—is modest given the impressive benefits. We provide extensive how-to support on both the design and building of QuikScan texts. This includes a template that greatly simplifies authoring QuikScan Views texts.

The research behind QuikScan is solid and impressive.

QuikScan is an academic project, not a product. It’s free and in the public domain.

QuikScan offers (1) improved retention, (2) a condensed read, (3) detail on demand.