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Readers get more from QuikScanned texts

QuikScan Views is a web app that greatly improves the reading experience by enabling readers to choose the level of detail they want. In addition, QuikScan Views can dramatically improve retention, without adding extra reading time (van der Meij & van der Meij, 2011).

QuikScan Views web app

Try it out or view the 2-minute video demo.

Classic QuikScan is a simple, efficient text format suited for print, PDF, HTML, and eBook publishing. Here is a hyperlinked PDF journal article. Here is a two-column journal article optimized for print.

Humans need to write the QuikScan summaries and apply the special formatting. But this effort is fully repaid by the impressive benefits. We provide extensive how-to support, including a labor-saving templates.

You can look at numerous examples on the Gallery page, and learn about how to design and build QuikScan texts on the How To page

The research behind QuikScan is solid and impressive.

QuikScan is an academic project, not a product. It’s free and in the public domain.

QuikScan offers (1) a condensed read, (2) detail on demand, and (3) much improved retention.