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Welcome to QuikScan.org

Readers get more from QuikScan documents

QuikScan is an innovative strategy for presenting information at varying levels of detail. It improves retention and fully supports selective reading within a text. In an era when people want to read less, we need QuikScan.

There are many different ways to QuikScan a document, but the core design idea is this: Summaries are placed at strategic locations throughout the document. The ideas comprising these summaries are numbered, and there are corresponding numbers in the body of the document where the summarized ideas are fully discussed.

In its simplest form QuikScan looks like this:

Simplest form of QuikScan

You can read just the summaries for a quick read—typically 15-20% of the full text. You can read the summaries plus the main text for much better retention. And, when you encounter an idea in a summary that you’re especially interested in, you can jump quickly to the location in the main text where the idea is fully discussed.

QuikScan offers (1) improved retention, (2) a condensed read, (3) detail on demand.

Almost every kind of document—paper or digital—can be productively QuikScanned. QuikScan accommodates multiple columns, graphics, lists, tables, etc. Both book-length documents and magazine articles can be effectively QuikScanned.

Each of our QuikScan designs—each “flavor” of QuikScan—meets a different need.

The effort required to QuikScan a document—while not trivial—is modest given the impressive benefits. We provide extensive how-to support on both the design and implementation of QuikScan, including our brand-new template for building QuikScan Views texts.

The research behind QuikScan is solid and impressive.

QuikScan is an academic project, not a product. It’s free and in the public domain.